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This course introduces you to the psychological processes involved in how individuals, who are members of groups, think, feel, and behave towards other group members. To be able to study these topics, one must be able to translate abstract constructs into concrete operationalizations. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of measuring psychological constructs, selecting test instruments, and the ethics of psychological assessments.

But qualitative research methodology is not just about asking people what their opinions or feelings are about a particular issue. This course trains students to extract information from qualitative data to yield psychological insights. PSY Independent Study Module The Independent Study Module ISM allows students to delve more deeply into research, either assisting an instructor on a specific research agenda, or in some cases, charting their own research agenda.

Students must seek out an instructor in the department and work out a concrete plan with the instructor before signing up for the course. Students may do only one ISM at level Prerequisites: Gateway to the Psychology Major; Statistics and Research Methods I; with consent of instructor; subject to mutual interest between student and faculty. Students learn about the effectiveness of helping skills by i learning about the theory and research on helping skills and ii practicing helping skills with each other.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Counseling. PSY Internship in Psychology Instruction This instructional internship exposes students to the teaching of psychology where undergraduates serve as teaching assistants UGTAs in level- or courses of their choice, subject to mutual interest with the instructor and programme needs. Through this internship, students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, gain insights into how courses are planned, and learn how to communicate their subject matter in ways that will lead to successful learning.

Only one student will be accepted per section of a course, per enrollment of Interested interns should read the guide and syllabus for PSY here. Prerequisites: Completed 12 psychology courses; only for fourth-year students with at least 3.

Social Science Research in India: Status, Issues, and Policies

In addition, students are expected to defend their work in front of peers and members of their thesis committee. Students must seek out an instructor in the department and work out a concrete plan with the instructor before first week of the course.

This course introduces what it means to think like a psychologist. We will focus on the nature of evidence from which we construct psychological theories, and the inferential errors we make when faced with this evidence. This course will be taught by different instructors in different semesters, with each instructor bringing in his or her own specializations into the course. Students are encouraged to complete their Fundamentals and Core Domains as early as possible, because many of these are prerequisites for upper-level electives.

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How are waivers granted? Do CTS count towards a major?

How about minor? And perhaps graduate school? Useful Links. Biochemistry Recombinant antibodies for therapeutics and diagnostics, Drug design and discovery against cardiovascular diseases, Haemoglobin and artificial blood substitutes, Molecular oncology and anti-cancer therapeutics, Microbial genomics and Immunodiagnostics, Bioinformatics, Network.

History Social, economic and cultural history, disciplinary history of archaeology, the interface between landscape archaeology and anthropology, medieval state and ecclesiastical institutions, thenationalist movement in India, peasant and tribal societies and movements, the process of sectarian and majoritarian identity formation, memory history-community, oral and performative narratives and their relationships to constructions of particularistic pasts, the interaction between institutions of governance and newer forms of knowledge, with particular reference to the development of humanistic disciplines and of archaeology and museumology.

Home Science Food and Nutrition, Human development and childhood studies, development and communication extension, resource management and design application, fabric and apparel science, Food Technology. Microbiology Microbial differentiation, food and industrial microbiology, environmental microbiology, agricultural microbiology, microbial pathogens and pathogenicity, medical microbiology, immunology, clinical microbiology, genetic engineering and microbial molecular biology. Discusses much-debated contemporary issues such as diversity, intergroup relations and social development from a psychological perspective Includes contributions by leading psychologists from India and abroad Covers a wide range of contexts from different regions, like India, Canada, The Netherlands and Israel see more benefits.

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