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Great shop, probably convenient for the Shunyi locals but not too long of a drive from Chaoyang.

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Just like the pizza I grew up on, although we just called it "square pizza". Hopefully next time we go back the partner from Detroit will be there so we can reminisce about our hometown.

Best of luck to this place and would love to have one in the city! As they are not totally open right now, it is hard to give them more than a 3 star. As I have a strong liking of square pizzas, I ordered one and found it very tasty and enjoyable and certainly better than Annie's. They are in a soft opening now and do only a few items but once they fully open we can stop by and try again. The staff seems very friendly and the place is a welcome addition to the area. Welcome Guest. Login to the Beijinger No account? Register Here. Home Directory Restaurants Pie Squared.

Shunyi Villas and Pi Shunyi Villas and Pinnacle Plaza area. Chaoyang District. Daily 10am-9pm. Cash only. No event here now.

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Joined: Sep 10, Posts: Review of Pie Squared. Joined: Feb 06, I also ordered the garden salad to balance out the nutrition Hope this will help you! Cheers, Stephanie.

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Joined: Oct 11, Posts: 2. Really wanted to try this place, but beware: they close at 9pm!

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On Saturday eve! Joined: Aug 14, Posts: 4. Joined: Oct 31, Posts: 5. Then you get into the middle and it's pure heaven. Then you finish off on another low note, cause it's all crust again.

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So we tried to blend it out, where you have a lot more filling-to-pastry ratio. Even more engineering was needed to convert English recipes to Canadian ingredients - you need just the right proteins in flour to be able to create a crust that holds up to handheld eating - and to create the square box that cradles your pie during on-the-go eating.

They even made one with two separate sleeves to hold double servings. Lest you think the scientific method extends to letter chemicals on the ingredients list, though, Amodio is quick to point out that everything is baked from scratch in the back of the shop daily, with basic ingredients like butter and eggs.

The available pie flavours, too, stick to the tried-and-true, featuring old favourites like chicken and mushroom or steak and Guinness, slightly more adventurous twists like pulled pork or Montreal smoked meat, as well as some vegetarian and egg-stuffed breakfast options. Vegans, take note: The crusts contain butter and eggs.

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They're planning to swap a few flavours in and out - future plans include a turkey and mash Thanksgiving pie and a bacon-chorizo version. Sweet pies are also available in slightly smaller iterations, about half the size of the savoury options, so you can ideally find room in your stomach for lunch and dessert. Or a coffee - they offer their brew in V mild , V bold , or V espresso-fortified versions.

If you're looking for a lighter, non-pastry-encrusted option, they've got you covered there, too - salads in shakeable containers for mixing are available, as well as soups. Amodio says as they progress into winter, they'll be offering chicken-based and veggie soup options, as well as chili. There's also their tart-like "pie squares", as well as cookies and muffins, all baked in-house.

The restaurant launched in mid-August, and though heavy, saucy personal pies might not react well with summer's heat, the impending onset of cooler temperatures might just mean optimal conditions for Pie Squared.

Pie Squared 方派披萨

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