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That applies to the suspect's family, he added. The suspect's mother went to police before the attack, Kowalczuk said based on speaking with her, to report her son's unstable psychological condition. The year-old man had been released from prison in December after serving more than five years for bank robbery. She said she was concerned her son posed a threat to others because he blamed politicians for his situation. The Gdansk police confirmed her report.

For the deputy mayor, who is concerned about the family suffering retribution for the murder, supporting them is a gesture of goodwill that Adamowicz would have wanted. The funeral will be broadcast live around the city. A prominent mayor's murder at Poland's largest charity event has put a spotlight on the country's conservative government — and how a fundraiser collecting money for hospitals could be a thorn in the government's side.

The murder of Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz is a warning that Polish society has become dangerously polarized and that the country's political right must work to ease rather than stoke tensions, DW's Bartosz Dudek writes. Right-wing groups had threatened Adamowicz. Poland's health minister told local media that Gdansk's mayor died in a hospital after being stabbed at a charity event.

A man accused of carrying out the attack is in custody.

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At 75, he told DW that retirement is far from his mind and warned against the path Poland's leaders are taking. But this year, the 80th anniversary is also being commemorated in Wielun, bombed minutes earlier. Here's why. A month before a general election, such a move is either a stroke of political genius or economic calamity, depending on who you ask.

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More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Adamowicz was also the country's first mayor to establish a special council to address migrant-related issues.

And he opted to host the anniversary celebration of Poland's Constitutional Court in Gdansk when the right-wing Law and Justice government refused to do so. In recent years, Adamowicz, who had been an independent since , was targeted out by government-affiliated media outlets for shaky scandal stories on graft. Yet the smear campaign apparently backfired as Adamowicz was elected to his sixth term in office in November.

Moscone–Milk assassinations

The residents of Gdansk, a liberal and open-minded city, clearly did not care for the bad press. Even so, Adamowicz's enemies directed fierce vitriol at the mayor — and created a hateful atmosphere that ultimately resulted in his tragic death. Adamowicz's assassination should serve as a stark warning that hatred and divisiveness ought to have no place in Polish and EU politics.

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What is needed is greater respect for dissenting political opinions and a willingness to foster compromise. As Poland mourns the mayor's death, one can hope that the country's right-wing leaders will come to their senses.

Candles surrounded a picture of Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz as people paid tribute to him after he was killed. Adamowicz died in hospital on Monday, January 14 after being stabbed at a charity event the day before. Adamowicz, 53, was attending an event organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity when a man stormed onstage and stabbed him.

The Gdansk mayor was rushed to the hospital and underwent five hours of surgery in an attempt to save his life. Security personnel quickly pinned down the perpetrator before police arrested him. A spectator video showed the suspect, allegedly a year-old who was released from prison last month, claiming he had been wrongly jailed and tortured by the government. Thousands of people marched against violence and hatred in Gdansk in the wake of Adamowicz's death. Gdansk, a port city in northern Poland, was the birthplace of Solidarity, an anti-communist trade union and social movement in the s in which the late mayor took part.

Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council and a former Polish Prime Minister, led a moment of silence at a gathering at the main old city square in Gdansk to mourn Adamowicz's death. Several thousand people also marched through the Polish capital of Warsaw after Adamowicz' death.

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One held a sign reading "stop the politics of hatred. Sign up to receive it here. Poland's health minister told local media that Gdansk's mayor died in a hospital after being stabbed at a charity event. A man accused of carrying out the attack is in custody. A man rushed the stage and stabbed Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz with a sharp object during the finale of a large charity event. Shqip zeriamerikes. Bosanski ba. Srpski glasamerike. Azerbaijani amerikaninsesi. Central Asia.

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