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As these programs can be retained and recalled, they might be termed "memories of the future".

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It is suggested that they form the basis for anticipation and expectation as well as for the short and long-term planning of a goal-directed behavioural and cognitive repertoire. This repertoire for future use is based upon experiences of past events and the awareness of a Now-situation, and it is continuously rehearsed and optimized.

It is concluded that the prefrontal cortex is responsible for the temporal organization of behaviour and cognition due to its seemingly specific capacity to handle serial information and to extract causal relations from such information.

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Possibly the serial action programs which are stored in the prefrontal cortex are also used by the brain as templates for extracting meaningful serial information from the enormous, mainly non-serial, random, sensory noise to which the brain is constantly exposed. Without a "memory of the future" such an extraction cannot take place. The diary sections are written with compelling energy, and bring the young woman easily to life, with her enticing combination of strength and weakness.

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It is a paean to the pleasures of reading, celebrating the ways that a lifetime with books enhances and complicates selfhood. It's a work of autofiction that offers truthful fiction to counter an era of fake news. But it is most formidable as a novelistic take on the past fifty years of feminism, told through its parallel snapshots of and She knows, as she informs her male interlocutor, that the stories told here aren't over.

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They may never be over, and we are lucky to have novelists like Siri Hustvedt to help us to complicate and understand them. And she captures the power of past narrative to shape a life to come. This is a book that merits rereading, not least because it's trying to build something new. Hustvedt's novelistic renovation is nostalgic and brave in equal measure. She's made just enough architectural moves to make you look at the space anew.

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Reading a Hustvedt novel is like consuming the best of David Lynch on repeat. Ideas somersault nimbly in the novel as memoir jostles with memories.

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A clever, elegant novel. Captivating, smart and witty.

Few contemporary writers are as satisfying and stimulating to read as Siri Hustvedt. Her sentences dance with the elation of a brilliant intellect romping through a playground of ideas, and her prose is just as lively when engaged in the development of characters and story.

Her wonderful new novel is, among other things, a meditation on memory, selfhood and aging. Any material drawn from the writer's life has been triumphantly transmuted into fiction that skillfully weaves disparate narrative strands into a vast tapestry encompassing personal, political and cultural struggle. Siri Hustvedt has never been afraid to go against the grain, and her seventh novel, Memories of the Future , confirms it. She has important things to say about sexual politics, capitalism and art. Hustvedt brilliantly pinpoints how a woman might appear to willingly acquiesce to a man's demands to avoid a worse fate.

She also skewers the guilt a woman might feel when she has escaped an assault. Hustvedt is that rarest of beasts: a deeply intellectual writer whose work is joyful and not intimidating in the slightest.

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This is terrific. Memories of the Future is a portrait of the artist, certainly, and of New York in the s, which Hustvedt joyously depicts as hot, dirty and cacophonous. But it's also far more than that. As layered as a millefeuille, as dense and knotted as tapestry, it feels, by the time you reach the final pages, less like a novel and more like an intellectual reckoning; an act of investigation into how, as a woman, it is possible to live well in the world, and enter effectively into the conversation about it.

It's a mark of Hustvedt's thoroughgoing intelligence that the idea of investigation is another of the novel's explicit themes, as well as an aspect of its undertaking.