Guide Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds: Cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Healing Ministry

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If I talk to someone, and they tell me, then I've learned it from them. If I've read it in a book, then I've studied it and learned it; but if someone just tells me a secret, it reveals something to me.

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So in 3 of the gifts of the spirit, God just reveals something, which you couldn't have worked it out. You just couldn't have known.

"Deep Wounds, Deep Healing" with Jentezen Franklin

For example, I prophesied over a woman the other night, and said that at the age of between 10 and 14 she'd gone through these particular crises in her life, and this is how it affected her, and God now wanted to set her free from what had happened. We had some ministry for her. Afterwards she told me that there were two crises in her family: one when she was 10; and one when she was There's no way I could have known that. All I'm doing is sharing what God is showing me; but for her, it was like her whole life was opened up to God.

Remember the woman at the well in John 4 - when Jesus spoke to her, Jesus asked her a little bit, interacted with her, and then He said: why don't you bring your husband? She said: I haven't got a husband; and He said to her: that's true, you've had 5 husbands - and now you're living with a man.

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When she went away, she said: I met someone who told me everything about my whole life. The impact of that supernatural revelation was to cause her to experience the sensation that: all of her life was suddenly opened - and God could see everything. So when you bring a word of knowledge, or move prophetically, it may not seem much to you. It's very little to you - because it's not for you; but when it goes to the person - oh, the person can be deeply impacted! How could you know that? It's like suddenly their whole world is opened up; but for you it was just a little tentative step.

For them it's like oh! This is a big deal, because now you've opened up something in their life. This is so powerful, to flow in the gifts of the spirit. It's wonderful to be able to operate in them. It enables us to see the motivations of people; it enables us to see what the Holy Spirit is doing; it also enables us to discern demonic spirits. Finally, gifts of power - when something supernatural is done, i. By faith, miracles are done; the working of miracles, and gifts of healing, all fall under those power miracles. Every one of you is able to operate in all of the gifts.

He's sending people into cultures where the supernatural is well established. Now in a western culture, often people are very dull to things of the spirit or supernatural, but in other cultures, the majority of cultures in the world, there's a high level of awareness of the supernatural realm.

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In Asia, Africa, South America, idolatry is practiced openly. Sorcery and witchcraft are practiced openly, and they have tremendous and very real power. Jesus was sending His disciples into cultures that experience supernatural power. What they needed was something stronger, more powerful, to deal with and confront the demonic realm. In a western culture it's not so obvious, but in Asian cultures, and other cultures of the world, these things are practiced very openly. You go to some villages, they all live in fear of the witch doctor, and his power is real.

They live in fear of the supernatural realm; and so idolatry is practised. In our culture the supernatural's more hidden. Jesus was sending them into cultures that are supernatural. It doesn't say: these signs will follow pastors. It doesn't say: these signs will follow just greatly anointed people. For these signs to follow, God wants you to be a believer. You need to believe, for God to work through you.

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We believe God will work supernaturally. We believe He'll do it… in another country. We believe He'll do it… through Benny Hinn; but what we struggle with, is to believe: He would do it through me - but that's what He said: the signs follow… believing. We're going to inform you of the how-to. Several things are listed there: casting out of demons, which is: discerning of spirits; and also working of miracles and faith is involved in that ; speaking in new tongues, and maybe interpretations.

Taking up serpents has to do with wrestling with the demonic; gifts of revelation and prophesy; drinking any deadly thing again, supernatural miracles ; and laying hands on the sick; gifts of faith and healing. The manifestation of the spirit is given to everyone. His desire was that every believer could flow in the gifts of the spirit - and that's my desire too. God wants you to; and we'll show you how to, and it'll be great for you to step out and try to. In Acts 9, there's a man called Ananias. Saul had been persecuting the church; and as he was going to Damascus, he had an encounter, a supernatural encounter.

He was knocked off his horse, and he was struck blind. He went and fasted and prayed for three days. Notice the revelation that's coming: he's being told things he couldn't know; and Saul has seen in a vision a man called Ananias coming to him - so God is downloading to him words of knowledge and revelation. This is a freaky thing, because he knows that Saul's been murdering all the Christians; and now God's telling him go to this place in this street, inquire; the guy is in there, and he's blind; and he's praying. I've shown him that you're going to come, and you're going to pray over him.

Now that takes courage - remember this guy's life is on the line. Can you understand that all moving in the spirit, there's a point where you have to take a risk? This was a big risk; He has to go to the house of a murderer of Christians - that's a step of faith. So Ananias went his way, entered the house, and laid his hands on him. Immediately he was healed; and filled with the Holy Ghost, spoke in tongues. Isn't that a great story! There's an example of: words of knowledge; works of wisdom knowing what to do ; prophetic utterance speaking over him ; gifts of healing; and faith flowing - it's great!

That's a great story, of many of the gifts all flowing together, with one man.

We see now that: you are designed to be supernatural. God wants you to operate in the supernatural. He is willing to do this for you. What is your part? What is the bit you've got to play? There are some responsibilities we have concerning the gifts of the spirit, so let me give you what they are. I'll lay them out for you, and then we'll finish this session, then we'll give you something to do - give you a little activation. This will be quite an easy one as well.

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Everything will be easy; you've just got to step out and do something - it's really simple. Gifts of the spirit are given to everyone; so if God gives it to me, what does He expect me to do? What's my part? There's a number of things that we're called to do, so I'm going to identify them. I'm referring to the Bible all the time, because I want you to get a base from the word of God, for how to operate in the spirit.

If you have lots of spiritual experiences without having a word-of-God base, you can go all over the place. You'll find we'll continually draw you back to the written word of God as the judge of your spiritual experiences. He wants you to learn it.

Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds : Brad Long :

Your responsibility is to be a learner; and learning starts tonight, and goes on for the rest of your life. God expects you to put in the effort to learn. Nothing comes easily; you have to put in some effort. You have to do something. We'll show you what kinds of things you do. He wants us to learn how to work with the Holy Spirit… to build others. Here's an interesting thing: God wants you to be a builder of people.

Many people have got the wrong paradigm - they have very much a paradigm where you come to church, and you get blessed and ministered to - and church is all about you having your needs met.