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To appease your parents and to keep him from annoying you with his whining , you gave your kid brother a specific assignment: to stir the lemonade. The organization and management section of a business plan is basically a delegation chart. What experience or qualifications do they have to perform that duty? Show the same type of consideration as you explain the people who will help you open your food truck business.

Will you handle the books or be the cook? Who will you trust to cover the other and why? Did you sell lemonade made with a powdered mix, or did you sell fresh squeezed? How did you decide? Were there different sizes available for your customers?

Business Accounts

Could they purchase a cookie or muffin, too? Services and products is where you talk about the food. Make mouths water by describing menu items that will one day go viral with praise. This is also the section where you discuss the possibilities of future expansions. Do you hope to one day open a brick and mortar store?

Would you like to have a fleet of trucks franchised? Will you now or in the future offer catering services or cooking classes? Make that evident in the business plan. You probably made a sign, called your grandparents, or flagged down passing cars. This was your marketing strategy. If you had a certain amount of money you wanted to earn, you did the math to figure out how many glasses of lemonade you would have to sell to meet that goal.

That was your sales goal. A marketing and sales strategy is the plan for how you will attract and retain customers to your business. Using an average cost per meal, how many sales will you have to make to break even?

Lemonade Mouth Lesson Plans

How many to turn a profit? Lay out all the gory details now to save yourself the time in the future when business is booming. If your parents were fiscally minded, or really took you up on the learning how to run a business angle, they made you pay for your start-up supplies: lemonade, cups, etc. That or you had to go to the store and purchase the supplies yourself. Before you hopped on your bike to go to the neighborhood grocery, how much money did you ask for? How did you come up with that figure? Be prepared to show them a specific number and, like your math teacher always said, be sure to show your work.

As you consider start-up costs, you need to think about the cost of:. See how this all fits together? No, he actually let me off with a warning. You know, I got soccer practice, some big games coming up.

I just can't miss them. But I'll see you at lunch, okay? What can I tell you, Jenny? That you put the same value on the arts as you do sports.

You've cut the music budget to zero. You've moved my classroom down to the basement.

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And for what? Some gymnasium? This is not "some gymnasium.


Your school? Times are tough, Jenny. Someone's gotta make the hard decisions around here, and that someone is moi. Who are you? Are you nobody too? Well, that would be a yes. Here we go, hustle up. Move it, move it. Keep it going. Delgado, come on, get with the program. Come on, what are y'all doing? All right, guys, set up for drill number two. Hustle up. Are you sure that's Tommy Delgado's brother? That's it. I don't wanna play soccer, I don't want your abuse, and I certainly don't want my brother's ball. Yeah, I think he did that on purpose, coach.

Welcome to our first assembly in our new gym, generously funded by our school sponsor, TurboBlast. Drink of champions. You the man, Brenigan. Right there, that. That's good, Phil. Our assembly today is about-- Are you ready? That's right. Dig deep inside, find the power within Why don't you, uh, find another seat?

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All right, move it. A student who's willing to take risks. An empowered student. And by empowerment, I mean going above and beyond what's expected of you.

You want empowered students? Now, I know it's all within you, and you know it is as well. Don't let your school take away your rights. Be heard. Use your voice. You can wear what you want. We can wear whatever we want. Sit down. I can wear my own T-shirt.