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The comedian Sofie Hagen recently accused Cancer Research of bullying fat people , after the charity launched a campaign to raise awareness about the link between cancer and obesity.

6 Ways to Get Through Days when you Feel Fat

Medications, mental health, social deprivation, self-esteem and genetics all play a role in our ability to control our weight, and judgment is never a constructive approach. As well as being linked to diabetes, obesity can also be responsible for osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, high blood pressure and other conditions. Since the ban on indoor smoking in , tobacco enthusiasts have been turfed out through a side door to puff on their cancer sticks in the rain. Although we acknowledge that some smokers can run 10 miles or live into their 90s, we recognise that the overall risks of tobacco inhalation are high, and vastly increase the odds of a premature death.

So what makes obesity different? Whether we want to gorge on 3kg of chocolate, drink until we vomit in the bathtub or line our lungs with carcinogenic tar, informed adults are free to make their own choices. By contrast, people on the low-carb plans had significantly lower risk of both of these outcomes.

The finding was so strong, the authors of the paper concluded, that "global dietary guidelines should be reconsidered," they wrote. Rob Ludacer That conclusion makes even more sense when we look at what happens when people try to trim the fat from their diets. In general, they just end up swapping rich or creamy ingredients with foods filled with sugar and carbs. During an eight-year trial involving almost 50, women , scientists put roughly half on a low-fat diet.

Not only did the low-fat dieters not lose much weight, if any , they also didn't see a decrease in the risk of breast cancer , colorectal cancer , or heart disease — outcomes commonly associated with a healthier eating plan. Part of the problem lies in what happens with the rest of our diet when we suddenly try to eat only low-fat foods.

Most ready-to-eat items in the "low-fat" category are packed with sugar and carbs. Take any common cereal, granola bar, and yogurt and check the nutrition label: they're all high in sugar and carbs despite being low in fat. Meanwhile, studies suggest that both of those ingredients are linked strongly with weight gain. A review of 50 studies on diet and weight gain published in the journal Food and Nutrition Research found that, on average, the more refined grains someone ate like those from processed cereals and granola bars , the more weight they tended to gain over the study period.

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So while "low-fat" products are all marketed as weight-loss tools, the reality is these products may contribute much more to weight gain than a fat-rich product with fewer refined carbs. The take-home message here is that fat is a critical dietary ingredient, while sugar — despite being omnipresent in dozens of every day foods — is not.

That means while it takes more work to curb your sugar intake, the available evidence suggests it's a more worthwhile fight than trimming the fat.

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World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Secondly, nothing is impossible, you can try to become physically fit by working out, exercise, eat healthy and by trying to remain as much happy as you can. Give yourself some time.

The day you will stop worrying and overthinking about yourself you will feel better and do not stuff your head with stereotypical beauty standards. Nobody is perfect. I am sure exercise and healthy diet will make you loose weight. And one more thing Anonymous April 15th, pm. I used to hate myself for being over weight and i thought i was ugly before and sometimes i still do.

I want you to look in the mirror every morning and say "i am beautiful" even if you don't believe it i want you to do it everyday until it becomes true in your mind. That is what really helped me and if you think you're fat, which you're likely not, exercise once and a while but keep doing it make is a routine.

Its not only good for losing weight, but too feel good about yourself. Look at yourself into the mirror until you can see how beautiful you are. Everybody is beautiful but sometimes it's simply hard to see it.

Weight loss: How to lose belly fat - but it’s not what you’d think

You should never hate yourself, There is nothing to hate about yourself. You may not be happy about your weight, but there is alot you could do to fix that. Working out is easy, even if it's only for 30 mins a day. If you're dedicated, a few changes can go a long way. Everytime you go to the washroom today, i want you to do 20 squats. This will get you started. Anonymous April 23rd, am. It's no instant solution, dealing with self esteem is really really tough and it's sometimes even harder when people tell you you're wrong and "stop thinking that, you're beautiful" instead of offering empathetic support.

One thing I know helps me is to look at pictures of people who look like me, and every time I catch myself thinking I envy them, they're beautiful, they're more attractive than me - then I can step back and realize - wait they look like me, and if they can be loved I guess I can too.

I like to talk to other people in the body positive movement and hashtags online who know what I'm feeling. I'm not the "norm" of attractive, but what makes my kind of attractive less than that? My feelings are real and my feelings are valid but the pressure I feel is based on made up ideals. Again, it is acceptable to some degree to "hate yourself". Resisting the negative feelings would only create more tension and hatred.

What It Means to ‘Feel Fat’

Stop resisting, and start observing your thoughts and your feelings. You can not always control your feelings, but you sure can control your behavior. You should try to learn to love yourself for who you are. You can always boost your confidence and self-esteem my working out regulary and eating cleanly.

Sometimes our thoughts can become a bit skewed, especially if we are going through a hard time in our lives.

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The pressure to perfectly mirror societal ideals affects everyone without us even realising it does. Think: how often do you find articles in magazines about celebrity diets and images of photoshopped models on billboards? Unless you have a medical reason for needing to lose weight, it should be something that you personally want, regardless of what you might think anybody else has to say about your body shape. The only ugly people I have ever encountered were ugly on the inside, and not the outside.

As long as you are a decent person, you are beautiful to me and a lot of people that care about you. Love yourself for having a mirror and food, love yourself for having the chance to be fat because there are so many people who crave for food everyday. Now if you hate yourself then work yourself out, get over yourself and instead of crying and feeling bad, change that. Eat healthier, do excersise. Body image issues are a sirius thing, it's never just "I hate myself for being fat and ugly", there's always an inner motivation, a deep reason why you started thinking you're not good, or right, or enough.

Body is just the outside, it's the inside what really matters. I know it is hard to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself.

I know how it feels but you can do that and instead of listing all the features you don't like about yourself, try and list all the thing you do like about yourself even if they're small like your eyes or nails. You may also ask people close or not so close to you to do this activity with you as listening to someone saying nice things about you could make you feel better. Anonymous October 31st, am. There are two different things at play here: your physical appearance can be improved, but also your self-confidence can be improved.

It's more important that you love yourself. Supportive people that deserve you will not judge you for your body.

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Try being more supportive to yourself. Loving yourself can include changing your eating habits, taking more walks, treating yourself to a massage, telling yourself good things about how you feel and look every day, and trying to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Good luck! If you think thoughts like that, you will turn fat and ugly. But if you love yourself for who you are and accept yourself, you will become the most beautiful person in the area!