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Lord Denning was one of the most celebrated judges of his time. He is popular as a dissenting judge. He was known as a fighter for the underdog and a protector of the little man's rights against big business. He served for 20 years as the head of the Court of Appeals, one of the most influential positions in the English legal system.

Denning was a controversial judge who was often the dissenting voice on the bench. His decisions were based more on his religious and moral beliefs than the letter of the law and he was often criticized for his subjectivity. Denning retired from the bench in under a cloud of controversy regarding some racially insensitive views that he published.

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Denning continued to publish books during his retirement and died at the age of This generally involves the process of negotiation where the parties apply their minds make offer and acceptance and create a contract. Standard Form Contracts : The law of contract has in recent time to face a problem, which is assuming new dimensions.

The problem has arisen out of the modern large scale and widespread practice of concluding contracts in standardized form. People upon whom such exemption clauses or standard form contracts are imposed hardly have any choice or alternative but to adhere.

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This gives a unique opportunity to the giant company to exploit the weakness of the individual by imposing upon him terms, which may go to the extent of exempting the company from all liability under contract. It is necessary and proper that their interests should be protected. These are dealt within Chap. IX from S. Bailment implies a sort of one person temporarily goes into the possession of another. The circumstance in which this happens are numerous. Delivering a cycle, watch or any other article for repair, delivering gold to a goldsmith for making ornaments, delivering garments to a drycleaner, delivering goods for carriage, etc.

A Study of Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act, : Contract labourers also suffer from inferior labour status, casual nature of employment, lack of job security and poor economic conditions.

New York Contract Law, 2d (Vols. 28-28A, New York Practice Series)

It was also observed that in some cases the contract labourers did the same work as the workers directly employed by the industrialist but were no paid the same wages and the same working conditions. This practice of contract labour has also lead to the exploitation of these labourers as they are not employed directly under the employer. This practice of exploitation was and still is very much prevalent in India, therefore to encounter such problem and also to regulate the conditions of these labourers the Govt.

Contract Labour : Basic instinct. Hearing the concept of labour, what strikes the minds of the layman is the name sakingly clad men and women who work at construction sites, factories and alongside the roads, working in the scorching sun and pitiful conditions.

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Does it ever come to the minds of the general public that these labourers have a huge set of laws governing and safeguarding their rights? Probably some of us do know about labour laws. Ever given a second thought about the implementation of these laws and regulations which are painstakingly formulated? Not that they are not followed at all but come on! One such justification for the popularization of E-Commerce would be immoderate technological advancement.

E-Commerce, as the name suggests, is the practice of buying and selling goods and services through online consumer services on the internet. The effectiveness of E-Commerce is based on electronically made contracts known as E-Contracts. Although E-Contracts are legalized by Information Technology Act but still majority feels insecure while dealing online.

Thus, the remedy of specific performance is in contrast with the remedy by way of damages for breach of contract, which gives pecuniary compensation for failure to carry out the terms of the contract. The remedy of specific performance is granted by way of exception.

Historical development

A workman is deemed to be employed as Contract Labour when he is hired in connection with the work of an establishment by or through a Contractor. Contract workmen are indirect employees. Contract Labour differs from Direct Labour in terms of employment relationship with the establishment and method of wage payment.

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Regulation of Contract Labour : Contract Labour is one of the acute form of unorganized labour. Under the system of contract labour workers may be employed through contractor on the contract basis. Workmen shall be deemed to be employed as contract labour or in connection with the work of an establishment when he is hired in or in connection with such work by or through a contractor, with or without the knowledge of the principal employer. In this class of labour the contractors hire men contract labour who do the work on the premises of the employer, known as the principal employer but are not deemed to be the employees of the principal employer.


The range of tasks performed by such contract workers varies from security to sweeping and catering and is steadily increasing. It has been felt, and rightly too, that the execution of a work on contract through a contractor who deployed the contract labour was to deprive the labour of its due wages and privileges of labour class. The rapid and substantial growth in the magnitude of this industry has resulted in the increased need for information about the rights and obligations of the various players involved in the execution of a particular work of construction.

This report is aimed to highlight provisions regarding liquidated damages in case of the breach of the contract and to bring about a comparative study between India and England regarding it.